Highfield Hall (Ellis Stanley Joseph) in Australia

Highfield Hall (Ellis Stanley Joseph)
OwnerEllis Stanley Joseph
AddressGranville, Guildford
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Highfield Hall (Ellis Stanley Joseph), located at Granville, Guildford, in Sydney, in Australia.

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From some time prior to 1901 up to 1923, Ellis Stanley Joseph lived in Australia, when not travelling which he frequently did. His travel during these years took him to North America, South America, India, West Africa, and South Africa. From November 1918 to 1926, Joseph owned a 17-acre estate called "Highfield Hall", which was located in what was then part of Granville but is now within the suburb of Guildford in Sydney. "Highfield Hall" became both a private zoo and a temporary home for animals in transit to or from other countries

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