Voetboogdoelen (De Doelen) in Netherlands

Voetboogdoelen (De Doelen)
Local nameVoetboogdoelen, Sint-Jorisdoelen
AddressSingel 425
Zip-code1012 WP
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Voetboogdoelen (De Doelen), located at Singel 425, in Amsterdam, in Netherlands.

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The Voetboogdoelen ("crossbowmen's shooting range") was a 16th-century building on the Singel canal in Amsterdam, at the corner of Heiligeweg near Koningsplein square, which served as headquarters and shooting range of the local schutterij (militia, civic guard).

Today the place is the location for the Amsterdam University Library.

1594: Count Philipp Ludwig II of Hanau-Munzenberg visited 1594 in "De Doelen", the shooting-range, where he saw a living elephant and a camel.

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