Siu Kiem elephants in Vietnam

Siu Kiem

Place Pleiku
Province Gia Lai province
Region Central Highlands
Country Vietnam


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Siu Kiem elephants, in Pleiku, Vietnam .

Comments / pictures1990: Ya Tao was bought by Mr. Ksor Cham in an elephant-trading market in Dak Lak province (the province that has the biggest elephant populations in Vietnam) in 1990. After Mr. Cham passed away, Siu Kiem, Mr. Cham’s son-in-law had taken charge of taking care of Ya Tao. She had been a member of the elephant owner’s family.

2020-12-04: Ms. Ploanh, the owner of the elephant, said yesterday (December 3), the elephant Ya Tao was taken to the bank of Ia Tul river to drink water. After drinking, the elephant was lying on the bank of the stream, a while later she died.

Siu Kiem elephants in Vietnam Vietnam

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2020-12-05Ya tao, the last captive elephant in gia lai province in vietnam, has died. - Elephant News

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