MacCaddon Circus in United States

MacCaddon Circus
Poster from 1905
Poster from 1905


Owner -: Joseph McCaddon
Country United States

Directors-1905: Henry McCaddon (assistant director)

Key People -: Ruth McCaddon (artist)
-: C. McLeod (agent)
-: Anna Isabel McCaddon Hutchinson (artist)


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MacCaddon Circus, United States .

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1901: At the clove of the 1901 season Mr. Sautelle and the late Frank A. Robbins, who had been identified with Sig Sautelle Circus and the Sautelle shows for many years, spent the greater part of a month going over railroad show plans and the result was a decision by the circus owner to take to the road in 1902 as a railroad show. The success of his rail venture was instant and in 1903 he made additions, and also in 1904, during which season his outfit attracted James McCaddon of the Barnum & Bailey show, who was looking for a circus outfit to take to France. McCaddon made an offer for the oufit and it was turned over to him at the close of the 1904 season and shipped to France.

It opened in that country and the disaster which befell the ‘show in France is now a matter of circus s history. Many former Sautelle employees who were induced to go to that country with the outfit still relate vivid stories of the hardships which they endured in an effort
to again set foot on American soil.

1905: The Asian elephant bull William (?-1906) came to Marseille from the American MacCaddon Circus in 1905. The MacCaddon family was stranded with their circus in Grenoble, France in 1905, According to a News article the stranded circus returned USA on the steamship Roma 16 September 1905, while some members were still left behind in Grenoble, which may explain why they sold the elephant.

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