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Circus Gleich


Opened for public1928
Closed down1937
Country Germany


Key People: Otto Sailer-Jackson (animal trainer)


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Circus Gleich, Germany , was founded in 1928, opened for public in 1928. Circus Gleich closed down in 1937.

Comments / picturesFirst owned by The Häni family, the circus was known as Grand Cirque Bernois in Switzerland at the turn of the 20th century; in the 1910s, it became Zirkus Blumenfeld & Hänni, and in 1921 Circus Henny. After Julius Gleich (1886-1951) married Carola Häni (b.1894), he later became director of the Circus.

1919: Julius Gleich became director in 1919.

Circus Gleich in Germany GermanyApplication to visit the city of Aachen 1922, written by Julius Gleich in 1921.

1922: the name was changed to European Barnum & Bailey
1924: the name was changed to Circus Gleich. In 1924, Cirque Gleich had a menagerie of 160 animals and a cavalry of 116 horses. The show was given either simultaneously on three tracks, or the hippodrome track. The Cirque Gleich marquee, a 62-meter-long circus racetrack, had a seating capacity of 10,000, one of the largest tents in Europe.

Circus Gleich in Germany GermanyCircus Gleich train unloading, ca 1925.

Circus Gleich in Germany GermanyOtto Sailer-Jackson on Circus Gleich in 1929.

Circus Gleich went bankrupt in 1935. After returning to a more modest size, Circus Gleich came to a definitive halt in 1937. Julius Gleich tried to revive his business after the war on a much smaller scale, but the experiment was interrupted by his death in 1951.

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  • Julius Gleich und sein "Riesencircus": Eine Dokumentation Paperback – 1 Aug. 2017, by Dietmar Winkler (Autor)

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