Nay Aug Park Zoo in United States

Nay Aug Park Zoo
Nay Aug Park Zoo Elephant Enclosure
Nay Aug Park Zoo Elephant Enclosure
First elephant1924
Stopped elephants1989
Closed down1988
AddressNay Aug Park
CountryUnited States

The Nay Aug Park Zoo acquired their first elephant, Queenie, in 1924. The children of Scranton facilitated a city-wide effort to collect change, funding the purchase. Four elephants in total were acquired this way, each subsequent animal being purchased within a month of the previous elephant's demise. The zoo built a new elephant enclosure in 1938, several years after the arrival of their second elephant, Tillie. Princess arrived from Iowa in 1966 and lived until 1971, replaced with the zoo's final elephant Toni. Following the closure of the Nay Aug Park Zoo in 1988, Toni was transferred to the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C.