Circus Orfei in Italy

Circus Orfei
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Circus Orfei, in Italy.

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Ferdinando Orfe had 6 sons from his wife Maria Torri (Veca): Enrico, Orfeo, Vittoria, Paolo, Giocanna and Cecilia.

Paolo, married twice and had 5 sons from his first wife Ersilia Rizzoli: Riccardo (called Bigdon, 1908-1942), Paolo II, Paride (called Pippo, 1909-1956), Miranda, (1913-1988), Irma, born in 1916.

Riccardo Orfei (1908-1942) married Violetta Arata. Their daughter Moria founded Circo Moira Orfei 1960.

Paride (clown Pippo) married Alba Farini, they have children Nando Orfei, Liana Orfei and Rinaldo Orfei who founded Circo Rinaldo Orfei.

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