Jungleland Thousand Oaks animal farm (Louis Goebel) in United States

Jungleland Thousand Oaks animal farm (Louis Goebel)
Owner?-1945: Louis Goebel
1945-1956: Trader Horne and Billy Richards
1956-1961: 20th Century Fox
1961-1986?: Louis Goebel
Closed down1986
PlaceThousand Oaks
CountryUnited States

Head keepers
of elephants
1948: Joe Metcalf
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Jungleland USA was a private zoo, animal training facility, and animal theme park in Thousand Oaks, California, United States, on the current site of the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. At its peak the facility encompassed 170 acres (69 ha)

Louis Goebel was born in Buffalo, New York in 1896. In 1919 he moved to California and worked at Gay's Lion Farm. The following year, he got a job at Universal Pictures and he lived on the grounds. When the studio closed down its zoo.

1926: Goebel bought six of the lions (Andy, Min, Bill, Momma and Little Caesar) and moved to Thousand Oaks, where he created Goebel's Lion Farm, later called Goebel's Wild Animal Farm in 1926 as a support facility for Hollywood.

1940: A barn fire in 1940 killed 12 of the animals including tigers, camels and elephants.

In 1945, Goebel sold his animal compound to Trader Horne, a Kansas City animal importer-exporter, and Billy Richards. They renamed it the World Jungle Compound and in 1956 they sold it to 20th Century Fox. It was again renamed, this time Jungleland.

1956-1958: Bimbo the elephant was featured in the Circus Boy television series.

When the group defaulted, Goebel reacquired the property in 1961. But money problems plagued the family for years, and eventually Jungleland closed its doors for good.

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