Circus Finlandia in Finland

Circus Finlandia


Owner 1976-: Karl-Gustaf Jernström
Address Askersintie 10
Zip-code 10360
Place Mustio
Country Finland
Website Website

Directors 2011: Carl Jernström (director)

Key People 2011-: Anna Jernström (artist)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
1981-2006: Carl Jernström
(elephant trainer)

Elephant keepers
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Circus Finlandia, located at Askersintie 10, in Mustio, Finland .

Comments / picturesAt the very beginning of the 80's, Circus Finland bought two elephants, Vanni and Buli, from a bankrupt circus in Germany, both were in very poor condition. Buli died fairly soon after coming to Finland. Vanni was an African elephant and had a great career in Circus Finland. There is no exact certainty as to the origin of the both, but according to unofficial data, Vanni was wild born in 1973 and lived in Yugoslavia in the 1970s.

Circus Finlandia in Finland Finland1983: Anna Jernström on Wanni\'s back 1983. Directed by Pepino.

1986, the use of circus elephants was banned in Finland, and Vanni was relocated to Zoolandia in Lieto.

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