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Zoo Circus

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OwnerTrolle Rhodin
First elephant arrived1944
Last elephant left1964
Closed down1964

DirectorsTrolle Rhodin

Head keepers
of elephants
Gösta Kruse
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Zoo Circus, located at Mariedalsgården, in Malmö, in Sweden, was founded in 1941 and the first elephant arrived in 1944. The last elephant left in 1964. Zoo Circus closed down in 1964.

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Trolle Rhodin was son to Circus man Brazil Jack, and grew up on Circuses. In 1938 he bought a disfunctional Swedish Circus Orlando from Henning Orlando.

Trolle Rhodin founded Zoo Circus 1942 and later Circus Caravan.

Stable master was Theodor Kruse, father to elephant trainer Gösta Kruse.

1945-1947: Trolle hired elephants from Cirkus Hagenbeck.

In 1964 he started working as general manager at Ringling Brothers Circus and brought Circus Caravan with him, as part of the show. Later back in Sweden, he started Circus Brazil Jack together with his children Trolle Jr and Diana Rhodin.

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