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Clyde Beatty Circus in United States

Clyde Beatty Circus

Owner 1945-1956: Clyde Beatty
1945-1957: Clyde Beatty
1957: Acme Circus Corporation
Closed down1958
Country United States


Key People: Don McLennan (animal trainer)
: Hope McLennan (animal trainer)
1957-1958: Clyde Beatty (animal trainer)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
1947: Clyde Baudendistle
(elephant trainer)
: Richard Shipley
(elephant superintendent)
1944-1948: William Woodcock Sr.
(assistant elephant superintendent)
1942-1950: Arky Scott
(elephant superintendent)

Elephant keepers
Random literature

Clyde Beatty Circus, United States , was founded in 1945. Clyde Beatty Circus closed down in 1958.

Comments / pictures1945: The Clyde Beatty Circus was founded by Clyde Beatty (1903-1965), an animal trainer. He formed his own circus Clyde Beatty Circus in 1945 after touring with several circuses including Hagenbeck-Wallace Cicus in his early career.
1946: Beatty toured his circus as Clyde Beatty - Russell Bros. Circus in conjunction with Russell Brothers Pan-Pacific Circus in 1946, then decided to open a show under his name only.

From 1942 Arky Scott was boss elephant man until he was hired to replace Hugo Schmitt on the Ringling Show in 1950.
1956: the circus was sold to the ACME Circus Corporation, and Beatty was hired as a star attraction and the show became Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus.

Clyde Beatty Circus in United States United+StatesClyde Beatty

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