Way Kambas Elephant Training Center (PLG) in Indonesia

Way Kambas Elephant Training Center (PLG)
AddressWay Kambas National Park
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Way Kambas Elephant Training Center (PLG), located at Way Kambas National Park, in Lampung, Indonesia, was founded in 1985.

Living elephants

At Way Kambas Elephant Training Center (PLG) lives 31 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)

  1. Anwar
  2. ,
  3. Bani born 1991
  4. ,
  5. Beri
  6. ,
  7. Bunga
  8. ,
  9. Dennis born 1993
  10. ,
  11. Eleanor born 2015
  12. ,
  13. Erin born 2014
  14. ,
  15. Harsoyo born 1996-07-02
  16. ,
  17. Joni born 2009
  18. ,
  19. Josh born 2006-11-21
  20. ,
  21. Kartijah (Kartrja) born 1980
  22. ,
  23. Koman
  24. ,
  25. Maruli born 1995-03-07
  26. ,
  27. Mawi born 1994-05-15
  28. ,
  29. Mela
  30. ,
  31. Rahayu
  32. ,
  33. Rini
  34. ,
  35. Sapon born 2015
  36. ,
  37. Sarah
  38. ,
  39. Sengtong (Seng Tong)
  40. ,
  41. Subaru
  42. ,
  43. Susan
  44. ,
  45. Tumando born 1995-03-07
  46. ,
  47. unknown born 1992?
  48. ,
  49. unknown born 2004-02-09
  50. ,
  51. unknown born 2014-01-16
  52. ,
  53. unknown born 2014-02-15
  54. ,
  55. unknown born 2009-06-07
  56. ,
  57. Yando born 1995-05-15
  58. ,
  59. Yekti born ~2013
  60. ,
  61. Zelda
  62. ,

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To reach Way Kambas, an asphalted road has been built. It takes 2 hours to drive from Bandar Lampung

1984: The 1000 ha facility was established in Way Kambas National Park after the capture of a young female elephant 'Kartrja', in 1984, which had fallen into a disused well. An additional three elephants were captured by PHPA in response to the killing of a young boy by a crop-raiding elephant in Sukadana near Way Kambas.

1985:The elephant training center was established in the far south of Sumatra in 1985, initially with two mahoots and two trained elephants from Thailand.

The tradition of elephantkeeping which eventually returned to Sumatra in 1985 with the establishment of the centre in Way Kambas National Park was introduced from Thailand with the arrival of two Thai 'khoonkie elephants and four mahouts from the Northern province of Chaiyaphum. The aims of the centre as stated by Santiapillai & Ramono (1991) were to "promote the breeding of elephants in captivity so that some animals will be available for use in Fores0y and nature oriented tourism" which was latter expanded to "reestablish the elephant as part of Sumatra's myths, history and cultural heritage (Santiapillai & Ramono, 1991). The PHPA were helped in their efforts by Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) who were involved in the successful selection and translocation of the two khoonkie elephants and mahouts from Thailand to Way Kambas National Park (Manansang, 1993).

1984-1996: Between 1984 and 1996, 285 wild elephants were captured in Lampung province, with I I and six elephants
captured in I 99 I and I 992 respectively (Table 3), contrary to the number given in the annual report of pHpA BKSDAII, Tanjung Karang, which stated that 36 elephants were captured in 1991/92, ten from central Lampung and 26 from northern Lampung. The number of captures
between 1994 and I 997 increased annually contrary to the proposed decrease in the number of captured elephants to be brought to the centre in Way Kambas (Suprahman et. aL.,1993).

1995: Data from the Forestry Department's annual statistics report indicate that I l8 elephants were transferred from the centre in Way Kambas in 1995

1996: The greatest number of elephants has been sent to Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) which received 25 elephants, 19 females and 6 males

1997: There have been achievements since the centre in Way Kambas began only 13 years ago. The birth of at least 25 calves is partly a reflection of the opportunity for mutiple matings within the centre's population and with visiting wild males.

1997: Up to May, 1997 l4S trained elephants had been transferred to a minimum of 33 different government
and private centres ranging from tounst resorts to logging operations and plantations.

2009: The center had managed and trained about 290 elephants. Wild elephants are trained to be elephant attractions, to transport of wood and to plow the farm.

2010: there was some 60 elephants.

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