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Bannerghatta National Park in India

Bannerghatta National Park

Place Bangalore
Country India


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Bannerghatta National Park, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India , was founded in 1971.

Comments / picturesBannerghatta National Park, near Bangalore, Karnataka, was founded in 1970 and declared as a national park in 1974. The park is also a popular tourist destination, the Bannerghatta Biological Park, with Bannerghatta Biological Park Zoo, a pet corner, an animal rescue center, a butterfly enclosure, an aquarium, a snake house, and a safari park. In 2002 a portion of the park, became a biological reserve.

Bannerghatta National Park is situated 22 km south of Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The journey to the park takes nearly half an hour from Bangalore. The hilly place is the home for one of the rich natural, zoological reserves. The 25,000 acre (101 km²) zoological park makes this a major tourist attraction of Bangalore.

The Bannerghatta Tiger and Lion Reserve has a reserve of Indian tigers, lions and other mammals. A mini safari here helps to fund the reserve. The Tiger Reserve of the park has been recognised by the Forest Department of India.


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