The genus Palaeoloxodon
Straight-tusked elephant. Skeleton of an Elephas antiquus in the Museo paleontologico of the university Sapienzia, Rome

The genus †Palaeoloxodon, (from greek Palaeo: before, and Loxodon) is a genus within the mammal order of Proboscidea.

Palaeoloxodon is an extinct genus that contains the various species of straight-tusked elephants. The genus originated in Africa during the Pliocene era, and expanded into Eurasia during the Pleistocene era. One species, Palaeoloxodon namadicus, was possibly the largest known land mammal, which were found out to have reached and surpassed the body size of the largest indricotheres. [1][2].

The genus has a long and complex taxonomic history, and at various times, it has been considered to belong to Loxodonta or Elephas, but today is considered distinct.[2]


  • Straight-tusked elephant Palaeoloxodon antiquus. (extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon chaniensis. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon creutzburgi. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon cypriotes. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Mediterranean dwarf elephant Palaeoloxodon falconeri. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon lomolinoi. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon mnaidriensis. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon namadicus(species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon naumanni. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon recki. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon tiliensis. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon turkmenicus. (species; extinct) [3]
  • Palaeoloxodon xylophagou. (species; extinct) [3]

5 Straight-tusked elephant in taxidermy collections

IndexNameSexOriginAgeBirthDeath dateArrivalPresent or last Location
1-Kolding elephant- ca 130.000 years ago (Eem)ca 130.000 years ago (Eem)1972-00-00Denmark Natural History Museum
2-Campo del Gallo elephant- 1941-00-00Giacomo Doria Natural History Museum
3-Chatham Elephant-M 1913-00-00London Natural History Museum
4-Grotte Santo Stefano elephant- Sapienza Museum of Paleontology
5-Ebbsfleet Elephant- ca 400,000-year agoca 400,000-year agoLondon Natural History Museum

3 Palaeoloxodon falconeri in taxidermy collections

IndexNameSexOriginAgeBirthDeath dateArrivalPresent or last Location
1-Puntali cave Palaeoloxodon falconeri-unknown ca 450 000 years agoca 450 000 years agoBasel Natural History Museum
2-Unnamed Palaeoloxodon falconeri- University of Nebraska State Museum
3-Sicilian Dwarf Elephant- Archaeological Museum of Syracuse


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