(Cranium and teeth of Palaeomastodon beadnelli)

The genus Palaeomastodon, (from greek Palaeo: before, and Mastodon, refering to their ancestry to the genus Mastodon) is a genus within the mammal order Proboscidea that lived in north africa during late Eocene and early Oligocene age, some 35 million years ago. Palaeomastodon was a descendent of Moeritherium and was possibly an ancestor of the recent elephants

Fossilized remains of Palaeomastodon and Phiomia were found in the Lower Oligocene Gabal Qatrani Formation located in the El Fayoum, Egypt.


  • The lower tusks were flat for scooping out plants from swampy water.
  • They were 3 to 6 feet tall and weighted up to 2 tons.
  • Palaeomastodon had a trunk
  • Had long lower jaws
  • Had short upper and lower tusks.
  • Species

  • Palaeomastodon beadnelli.
  • Palaeomastodon minor.
  • Palaeomastodon parvus.
  • Palaeomastodon wintoni.
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