Thomas Ord

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Thomas Ord
Thomas  Ord

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Spouse(s) Clara

Country United Kingdom

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Location at Ord Pinders Circus in United Kingdom

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Thomas Ord , circus director in United Kingdom


The roots of Pinders circus go back to 1784 with the birth of Thomas Ord the son of the Scottish minister and reverend Selby Ord. Young Thomas ran away from home aged around 14 and joined the circus.

Thomas Ord went onto to become an equestrian star and 200 years ago by 1812, he had started his own circus.He soon became a house hold name all over Scotland and the north of England. Ords equestrian arena became the most famous circus of the early part of the 19th century.

After Thomas Ord died in 1859 his daughter Selina Ord carried on with the circus, in 1861 Selina married Edwin Pinder whose uncles, George Pinder and William Pinder had founded Pinders circus in 1854. Edwin left his uncles and he and Selina continued with Ord Pinders circus in Scotland.


Total: 1 children

  1. Selina Pinder. Born: 1838. Dead: † 1918

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