Wattana Salangam

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Wattana Salangam
Profession camp mahout
Personal details
Born 1980 in Thailand
Country Thailand

Work locations
Title mahout -
Location at Anantara Golden Triangles Elephant Camp in Thailand

Biography details

Wattana Salangam , camp mahout in Thailand

Born 1980 in Thailand .

Mahout of the elephant Kummool (Beua, Bo, Beau).

Mahout Wattana Salangam and his giant friend Bo have worked with the elephant camp for 14 years. Before that they were in Bangkok, roaming the streets to earn money.
“I was in debt so I took Bo to Bangkok. We would walk around the streets and would collect about Bt2,500 a day. We made ourselves a camp on vacant land to save money. Then we moved to the elephant foundation in Phetchaburi and had to take care of many elephants, most of them belonging to other people. It was dangerous because most elephants only obey their owners,” Wattana says.
“Here, I started on a salary of Bt18,000 and now receive up to Bt25,000, plus extra income from guest activities. I’m happy to work here. My elephant has enough food no matter if I have work or not.”

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