Rolf Knie

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Rolf Knie
Profession circus artist
Personal details
Born 1949-08-16 Bern in Switzerland
Country Switzerland

Title owner 1992-
Location at Circus Knie in Switzerland

Biography details

Rolf Knie , circus artist in Switzerland

Born 1949-08-16 in Switzerland , son of director Fredy Knie Sr. .

Rolf Knie (born August 16, 1949 in Bern) is a Swiss painter , artist and actor .

He is the son of the multiple Swiss champion in tennis and ice skating Pierrette Dubois (1921–2013 [1] ) as well as Fredy Knie senior and brother of Fredy Knie junior, the artistic director of the Circus Knie , and cousin of Franco Knie , technical director of Circus Knee in Rapperswil . Until the nineties, Rolf Knie was mainly a clown actor and actor, but later became active as an artist. His most common motifs are scenes from the circus.

He spent his childhood in the circus and toured Switzerland. He had his first clown appearance at the age of five. At the age of six he met Karlheinz Böhm and was friends with him until his death. In 1956 he was educated in Belp and lived with a host family. In 1962 he switched to the secondary school at the boarding school Kaltbrunn . From 1966 to 1967 he visited the business school in Zurich and played in the junior team of the FC Zurich . In 1967 he dropped out of business school and dropped out of the junior team. From the autumn of 1967 to 1977 he was active in the circus arena.


Siblings through the father Fredy Knie Sr. (1920-05-29 -- 2003-10-11):

  1. Fredy Knie Born 1946-09-30

Rolf Knie s ancestral Ahnentafel:


Rolf Knie
Born: 1949-08-16

Friedrich Knie

Born: 1920-05-29

Paternal Grandfather:
Friedrich Knie

Born: 1844
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Ludwig Knie
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Marie Heim
Paternal Grandmother:
Margrit Lippuner

Paternal Great-grandfather::
Paternal Great-grandmother:



Maternal Grandfather:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:

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