Thomas B. Nathans

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Thomas B. Nathans
Profession circus director
Personal details
Born ? in United States
Dead 1889 Quincy, Florida in United States
Country United States

Work locations
Title artist 1840-1842
Location at June, Titus, Angevine and Co in United States

Title artist -
Location at Brown & Bailey's Circus in United States

Biography details

Thomas B. Nathans , circus director in United States

Born ? in United States dead 1889 in United States , son of other Isaac Nathans .

Thomas Nathans was an older brother of John J. Nathans.

Records about Thomas B. Nathans from the Circus Historical Society
"In my 16 year of age left Philadelphia for New York with Dan Champlin and went prentice to him for three years . . . " Thus did Thomas B. Nathans begin an autobiographical account of his circus career. It was the first sentence of a memoir written to his brother, John Jay Nathans, in 1889. It referred to events in 1823. Just two pages long, the letter, if it may be called that, chronicled twenty years of circus life.

We don’t know why it was written, but can speculate that John J. Nathans and George F. Bailey, former partners and retired some nine years, constant companions in New York, had questioned some long-past affiliation and had written Thomas Nathans for clarification. Their timing was fortunate, for seventeen days after he penned his autobiography, Thomas Nathans died in Quincy, Florida, aged eighty-two.

"In 1828 took you John and you went with Lucas Eaton and I staid with Green several years." Here Thomas introduces his younger brother, John J. Nathans, then twelve years old.

We find no affiliation for Thomas Nathans in either 1838 or 1839, but since we have no list of performers for any of the shows John J. Nathans was with in those years, it is possible that Thomas stayed with him. In 1840, however, Thomas says, “At last got with June, Titus, Angevine & Co. on what was called the flatfoots.” There were several units of this concern and Thomas was with one or another of them through the end of the 1842 season. At that time the firm was dissolved and Thomas Nathans retired after nineteen years in the business.

Isaac Nathans, father of Thomas and John J. Nathans, died in 1861.
-Stuart Thayer


Siblings through the father Isaac Nathans (?-1861):

  1. Addison Nathans

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Thomas B. Nathans
Born: ?

Isaac Nathans

Born: ?

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