Erwin Klauder

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Erwin Klauder
Erwin  Klauder

Personal details

Spouse(s) Vivian Klauder

Country United States

Work locations
Title animal trainer -
Location at Seils & Sterling Circus (Lindemann Brothers Circus) in United States

Biography details

Erwin Klauder , circus animal trainer in United States

Born ? in Germany .

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Erwin  Klauder
Fred D. Pfening, Jr., in his superb article, "Masters of the Steel Arena", in the May-June 1972 issue of BANDWAGON, gave Klauder due notice. In the December 28 entries herein for Seils-Sterling, we see that in their own rosters, Klauder's given name is spelled both Erwin and Irvin. In his caption for this shot, Pfening splits the difference, listing him as Irwin. It's good to see a colleague of the Depression Era, generally unheralded, have his moment in this circus historical journal.

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