Nellie Chapman

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Nellie Chapman
Profession circus animal trainer
Personal details
Born 1832 in United Kingdom
Dead 1899-04-29 Tottenham in United Kingdom

Spouse(s) George Sanger

Country United Kingdom

Title owner 1851-1905
Location at Circus Sanger in United Kingdom

Title animal trainer 1846-1850
Location at Wombwells Travelling Menagerie in United Kingdom

Title animal trainer
Location at Mander's Menagerie in United Kingdom

Relevant literature
Biography details

Ellen Chapman , circus animal trainer in United Kingdom

Born 1832 in United Kingdom dead 1899-04-29 in United Kingdom , daughter of animal trainer Henry Chapman .

Nellie ChapmanGeorge Sanger and Nellie Chapman, sitting in front of Nellies brother, Henry Chapman Jr.

Ellen (or Nellie) Chapman, who performed as Mme. Pauline de Vere, the Lady of the Lions. She was the daughter of Harry Chapman, a peep-show owner, and was brought up by the Manders family who owned a menagerie. She was the second female lion trainer in England, the first being Polly Hilton, a girl who appeared with lions in her uncle's fairground menagerie in the 1840s. When the menagerie owner
George Wombwell realised what a draw she was, he employed Nellie Chapman to perform with a range of exotic animals including lions and tigers, leopards and even boa constrictors. Queen Victoria went to Wombwell's and praised 'The Lion Queen', and observers noted her beauty, nerve, self-possession and daring.

In 1847 Nellie performed before Queen Victoria at Windsor and, after putting her head in the lion's mouth and spending nearly half an hour in the cage, Nellie Chapman received a pat on the back from the Prince Consort and a gold watch and chain from the Queen. In 1848 when she was performing with Wombwell's lions at Stepney Fair, she met the circus proprietor and showman 'Lord' George Sanger whom she married in 1850. They had two daughters. Nellie died in 1899, aged 67.


Total: 2 children

  1. Born: "1852. Dead: † 1882-10-14 Laurina Coleman
  2. Born: 1854-06-05. Dead: † 1929-04-02 Sarah Reeve


Siblings through the father Henry Chapman (1803 -- 1888):

  1. Henry Chapman Born ca 1849 Dead: † 1899
  2. William Chapman Born 1847-04-07 Dead: † 1896-12-14
  3. Emma Chapman Born 1831 Dead: † 1912

Nellie Chapman s ancestral Ahnentafel:


Nellie Chapman
Born: 1832

Henry Chapman

Born: 1803

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Paternal Grandmother:

Paternal Great-grandfather::
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