Theodore Svertesky

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Theodore Svertesky
Theodore  Svertesky

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Personal details
Country United States

Work locations
Title elephant trainer 1994-1994
Location at Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Blue Unit) in United States

Title elephant head-keeper 1993-1994
Location at Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus - Retirement Farm in United States

Title owner 1984-1994
Location at Two Tails Ranchs elephants in United States

Biography details

Theodore Svertesky , circus elephant trainer in United States

Born 1954-06-27 in United States dead 1994-01-13 in United States .

Ted Svertesky was killed when the Blue Unit circus train derailed in Lakeland, Florida on January 13, 1994.

Born in Connecticut at a very early age Theodore H Svertesky took an interest in the circus, especially the circus elephants. As a child he would talk about it, dream about it and build circus models. At age thirteen Ted ran away from home to join a circus only to be returned the following day by his parents.

Ted started off doing any job that no one else wanted to do just to work with the elephants. He took advantage of any opportunity that came about to learn from the best animal trainers in the business, Buckles Woodcock, Fred Logan and others.

By 1994 Ted was at the top of his profession, he had headed the Ringling Elephant Farm, a research and breeding facility Williston, fl. and now was presenting the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus elephant act in the show.

On January 13 1994 tragedy struck. The Ringling show opened in Tampa, Fl then moved to St Peterburg, Fl.. After St Peterburg the show was enroute to Orlando. At 9:08, in the morning due to a broken wheel 16 cars derailed of which 5 cars turned on their side. In the accident two people lost their lives, Ceslee Conkling, 28 a young circus clown and 40 year old Ted Svertesky.

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