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Alice at Barnum and Bailey Circus

† Alice
ID Number:
Species: African Bush elephant (Loxodonta africana)
Sex and age:Female ♀, unknown maybe about years old (estimated age)
Dead date:
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Barnum and Bailey Circus
ArrivedBarnum and Bailey Circus 1886-00-00
from London Zoo
London Zoo 1865-09-09
from Charles Rice
Born: wild
Document updated2010-02-28: 
After Jumbo and Alice were brought their new stable, Alice cut the tip of her her trunk by accident. The tip was 30 cm, and one kg heavy.

One morning about nine o'clock in the month of
August, Waterman, one of the keepers, came to me in
breathless haste asking me to come to the elephant-house,
at the same time saying that " Alice," the female African elephant, had torn off part of her trunk. I went of course
immediately and found the end of her trunk lying in the
middle of the den. Scott and one of the other keepers
handed it to me at my request. It was warm and the
nerves and muscles were still quivering and in motion ; it
gave me a most painful shock. The poor beast appeared
in great distress and agony, whirling and elevating her
trunk and screaming ; she would not allow any one near
her. I ordered the tank in the house to be filled with
cold water, and a tarpaulin to be hung up in front of the
den. I was sadly afraid I should have to 'destroy the
poor creature and made the necessary preparation for an
emergency ; however, I found, after visiting her from time
to time, that the bleeding had stopped and that she had
availed herself of the cold water into which to thrust the
ragged end of the torn trunk. When the painful excitement had partially worn off
I weighed and measured the portion of the tom-off
trunk. In weight it was 2 lbs. 2 ozs., and on the longest
side measured 12 in. ; it however shrank considerably
when placed in a glass jar containing strong spirits of

The constant and kind attention to the poor creature
by the keepers convinced me that she would not die for
want of food, as she allowed the men to put biscuits into
her mouth, and by placing the indiarubber hose to her
mouth she could take water.

As the jagged end of the trunk had ceased bleeding,
and the animal had become quiet, I had great hopes of
saving her life. Of course it was quite impossible to say
what would happen. It might not heal, it might ulcerate
and decay and rot off, and then it would be necessary to
put an end to her sufferings. I was much gratified to find that the wound was
gradually healing up, and continued to do so until it was
perfectly sound, and the animal afterwards used her trunk
for all needful purposes nearly as well as the uninjured

After Jumbos death in Ontario Alice was imported to Barnums from London, having matthew Scott as attendant.

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