Swana at Howletts Wild Animal Park

† Swana
ID Number:EEP Number: 8502 - 
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Female 28 years
Dead date: 2013-04-02
Death reason: euthanised: after attack from another cow
Location:Howletts Wild Animal Park
ArrivedHowletts Wild Animal Park 1985-07-02
Born:1985-07-02 captive-born in
Howletts Wild Animal Park
Parents: Bwana x Masa
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (F) 1997-07-18 Umna, EEP nr: 9703
  2. (M) 2005-07-07 Janu, EEP nr: 20039
  3. (F) 2008-12-13 Etana, EEP nr: 200800
  4. (M) 2011-06-05 Impi (Impy), EEP nr: 20084
Siblings through the father Bwana:
  1. 1982-05-25 -- † 1989-09-29 (F) Sabi
Siblings through the mother Masa:
  1. 1982-05-25 -- † 1989-09-29 (F) Sabi
  2. 1997-08-06(M) Jassa (Jasa)
  3. 2006-07-17(F) Jama
  4. 2011-01-24(M) Mchumba (twin)
  5. 2011-01-25 -- † 2011-01-25 (M) twin (stillborn)
Swanas pedigree:





Document updated2013-04-08: dead
owlett's Wild Animal Park release statement regarding the death of one of it's African Elephants 'Swana':

"African Elephant, Swana
B. 2nd July 1985, D. 2nd April 2013

Female African elephant, Swana, was born at Howletts on 2nd July 1985. Only the second elephant born at the park, she had something of a privileged upbringing and her mother ‘Masa’, as leader and matriarch of the Howletts elephant herd ensured that no harm would come to her as the calf grew from infancy to adulthood.

As time went by however Swana did receive a number of injuries from one of the other elephants who was vying for a more dominant role within the herd.

On 2nd April 2013, Swana was knocked to the ground by another herd member, sustaining severe muscle damage to her back legs. Kent Fire Brigade Animal Rescue Unit, who have a history of providing help and expertise to both Howletts and Port Lympne, were immediately summoned to site. For more than seven hours zoo staff and fire crew fought to try and bring Swana to her feet, and although at one point this was achieved, Swana later collapsed and it was apparent that she was exhausted and beyond further help. At this point the decision was made to humanely put her to sleep.

Sources, among others

  • African Elephant Studbook, Europe Regional EEP
    by Amelia Terkel, Zoological center Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Israel

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