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Elephants born in 1967

There was 76 elephants born 1967 in the database, (15 males, 58 females)
1 were born in captivity. (0 males, 1 females)
(List only captive-born in 1967)

NameSpeciesSexWeightBirthOriginBirth locationDeathParents
AbigailLAF1967?wildAmboseli National Park x
AlbertLAM1967?wildAmboseli National Park x
Sri NinEM1967?unknownUnknown x
Kham SanEMF1967?unknownUnknown x
+ Awang MajlisEMM1967-10-02wildUnknown2003-08-12 x
+ Chhukha (Chukkh)EMF1967-09-01Unknown2006-03-20 x
+ WinthidaEMF1967-04-19unknownMyanmar unspecified location2018-07-05? x
+ DrukEMF1967-04-01wildUnknown2016-05-03 x
+ BambooEMF1967-02-00wildUnknown1967-12-00 x
MogliEMF1967-00-00wildUnknown x
+ BirmaEMF1967-00-00wildUnknown2000-07-22 x
+ Dirndl (Lakhshmi)EMF1967captive-bornMysore Zoo (Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens)2004-08-25 x
Yuoko (Yoko)EMF1967wildUnknown x
+ Josky (Patne)EMF1967wildUnknown2010-01-08 x
+ RikiLAF1967unknownUnknown2005-08-10 x
+ KennyLAM1967wildUnknown1998-05-19 x
+ KatieLAF1967wildUnknown1989-10-30 x
SyndhaEMF1967wildUnknown2017? x
+ IndraEMF1967wildUnknown2015-01-13 x
DeviEMF1967wildUnknown x
+ ArushaLAF1967wildUnknown2004-09-00 x
KanaudiEMF1967wildUnknown x
IreneEMF1967wildUnknown x
+ SallyEMF1967wildUnknown2003-02-12 x
+ BombayEMF1967wildUnknown1982 x
SiriEMF1967wildUnknown x
+ Gardner (Tarzan)EMM1967wildUnknown1986-01-18 x
+ JudyEMF1967wildUnknown2013-03-29 x
+ FlossieLAF1967wildUnknown x
+ SariEMF1967wildUnknown1983-07-15 x
Vijay (Vanaja)EMM1967unknownUnknown x
+ Yvonne (Ivonee, Bibi)LAF1967wild2009-04-24 x
+ Jumpui (Jampui)EMM1967wildUnknown2016-06-02 x
+ AnnaMaeEMF1967wild1997-11-11 x
Bua LoyEM1967unknown x
+ SabrinaEMF1967wildUnknown2014-11-00 x
+ SumitEMM1967wildUnknown2010-08-01 x
+ PatnaEMF1967wildUnknown2006-05-05 x
Lilly (Lillie)EMF1967wildUnknown x
+ DaccaEMF1967wildUnknown1986-07-04 x
BongEMF1967Unknown x
KirstyEMF1967wildUnknown x
Gypsy (Matsho, Hope)EMF1967wildUnknown x
Beulah MaeEMF1967wildUnknown x
KasturiEM1967 x
+ CalleEMF1967wildUnknown2004-03-06 x
BoonChooEMF1967wild x
Zella IIEMF1967wildUnknown x
+ SamsonLAM1967wildUnknown1986-04-01 x
+ Petr IILAM1967wildKruger National Park1977-03-15 x
LillyEMF1967wildKakanakote forest x
SandrineEMF1967wildUnknown x
+ Cha-ChaEMF1967wildUnknown2012-01-04 x
+ Sam (Sammy)EMM1967wildUnknown1989-11-10 x
+ Y LomEMF1967wildYok Don National Park2010 x
+ DianaEMF1967wildUnknown2018-04-02 x
BoonMa 3EMF1967wild x
+ CarolEMF1967wildUnknown2007-06-19 x
HellaEMF1967wildUnknown x
BambiEMF1967wildUnknown x
+ Pat (Patsy)LAF1967wildUnknown2006-07-24 x
+ ZanLAM1967wildUnknown1978-02-14 x
+ Alice IVEMF1967wildUnknown1969-03-00 x
+ Choto (Chota)LAF1967wildUnknown2004-09-19 x
SutinEMM1967wildUnknown x
KhampunEMF1967wild x
+ Radsch (Radza, Mysore)EMM1967wildUnknown2013-10-01 x
SomNeukEMF1967wild x
+ Mini (Minnie)EMF1967wildUnknown2013-12-00 x
+ Babe (Assam)EMF1967wildUnknown2008-01-24 x
+ CzangEMM1967unknown1967-10-11 x
+ KaraLAF1967wildUnknown2003-08-18 x
+ BirkaEMF1967wildUnknown2001-05-25 x
+ Sheba (Nirvana)EMF1967wildUnknown x
+ ChicoLAM1967wildUnknown2011-07-09 x
+ DianaEMF1967wild x