Berlin Zoo in Germany

Elephants at Berlin Zoo

Photo: Caroline Skene/ DHD Multimedia Gallery
CollectionKept totally 72, 7 present (1,6,0), 8 births, 12 relocated, 53 deaths
LocationHardenbergpl. 8 and Budapester Str. 34, Berlin, Germany
Type: zoo, founded 1844, first elephant arrived 1857

Berlin Zoo has anually about 5 million visitors.

1844: Berlin Zoological Garden is the oldest Zoo in Germany, opened 1844.
1857: The first elephant was bought 1857 for 2 500 Taler.
1939: before World war II, Berlin Zoo kept over 4 000 mammals, and over 1400 species of birds. But the Zoo became target for bombings, and also for ground war. The famous old elephant house in pagod style was totally destroyed by bombings the 22 November 1943, when also 7 elephants died, and a bull had to be shot because he went out in the zoo from the destructed stables. Only 91 animals survived the war, among them the the elephant bull Siam, who died in 1947 because of enteritis. During the next three years, Berlin Zoo had no elephant
1950: the director Dr. Katharina Heinroth received the three year old Shanti, as a gift from Pandit Nehru and India. She had to be housed in the sebra stable until the new house was erected in 1955.

The new elephant house was enlarged in the 90s and now has a pool and two bullboxes prepared for Protected contact.

1999: The house was reconstructed 1999, and has now more space for the elephants, while the visitors area was reduced.

During the 90s breeding has once again been succesful in Berlin Zoo

Head elephant keepers:
1963-1974 Robert Jung
1974-1988 Gunther Goncz
1989- now Rudiger Pankow

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Berlin Zoo has 7 living Asian elephants (1,6).

Name - stud nr.
Species - Sex
Status Origin - birth Age Parents Arrival date
Tanja -
(EEP 6711)
EM - F
FCwild 1964-00-00
Unknown India
50 x 1974-01-08 from
Circus Krone
Drumbo (Mary) -
(EEP 7207)
EM - F
FCwild 1970-00-00
44 x 1987-09-25 from
Bussolengo Safari Park - Garda Zoological Park - (Parco Natura Viva)
Carla -
(EEP 7703)
EM - F
FCwild 1973-00-00
41 x 1977-05-11 from
unknown location
Iyoti -
(EEP 7606)
EM - F
FCwild 1974-01-06
Nagarhole National Park India
40 x 1996-04-16 from
Hannover Zoo
Pang Pha -
(EEP 8710)
EM - F
FC 1987-03-01
Unknown Thailand
27 x 1987-09-30 from
Anchali -
EM - F
FCcaptive-born 2012-08-12
Berlin Zoo
2 Victor x Pang Pha 2012-08-12
Berlin Zoo
Victor -
(EEP 9306)
EM - M
PCcaptive-born 1993-10-23
Ramat Gan Zoo
21 Motek x Warda 2000-09-22 from
Ramat Gan Zoo
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