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African elephant

Loxodonta africana

Species, also called savanna elephant, belonging to the family of elephants, named by Blumenbach, 1797.


The African elephant - (Loxodonta africana) is (or rather was, they will soon be upgraded to species) divided into two subspecies:

position statement from the African Elephant Specialist Group (pdf)

There was also a northern subspecies, Loxodonta africana pharaoensis, which seems to have come extinct in the roman time.

Distribution and Population

Today, the african elephant occor in 37 countries in Africa. There are abt 550 000 african elephants left in the world, half as many as 1979, between 1979 and 1989 abt 50% of the worlds population was shot or poached, because of the high demand of ivory.

map of african elephant distribution



  • African Elephant Database 1998


    African Elephants: A Celebration of Majesty by Daryl Balfour (Photographer), Sharna Balfour (Photographer), Iain Douglas-Hamilton, John Hanks (Foreword), Daphne Sheldrick. Hardcover: 168 pages.


    Africa's Elephant Kingdom DVD
    Africa's Elephant Kingdom DVD

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