Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at
Rotterdam Zoo in Netherlands

dead elephant ☨* ♀ stillborn  dead elephant


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Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀, unknown age
Stillborn:☨* 1993-03-04 captive-born (stillborn)
Birth place: in Rotterdam Zoo

Parents: Ramon x ♀ Raja
Dead: 1993-03-04
Death reason: ☨* stillborn:
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Present / last location:Rotterdam Zoo, in Netherlands

Date of arrival

1993-03-04Rotterdam Zoo
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† stillborn is a dead Female ♀ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), , who died 1993-03-04 at Rotterdam Zoo, in Netherlands, .


stillborn was born captive-born (stillborn) 1993-03-04 at Rotterdam Zoo.


Parents of stillborn are: ♂ Ramon (father) and ♀ Raja (mother).

Siblings through the father Ramon:

  1. 1984-06-16(F) Bernhardine (Bernhardini)
  2. 1985-04-12 -- † 1985-04-12 (F) killed
  3. 1990-11-25(F) SheRa
  4. 1995-03-01 -- † 1998-07-13 (F) Indira
  5. 1998-02-13(M) Timber
  6. 1998-03-01(M) Maxim
  7. 1999-04-05(F) Indra
  8. 2000-01-26 -- † 2000-01-26 (M) noname


stillborns ancestral Pedigree:


Sire (f):

Born: 1970-12-07

Sire ff:
Moti (Mohti)

Born: 1948
Sire fff:
Dame ffm:
Dame fm:

Born: 1954
Sire fmf:
Dame fmm:

Dame m:

Born: 1963

Sire mf:

Sire mff:
Dame mfm:
Dame mm:

Sire mmf:
Dame mmm:

Comments / pictures

Yesterday our vets removed the dead calf from Irma. She carried her fullgrown female baby for more then a year. The birth of Tonya and sucking Irma's nipples have started the birth process. Irma tried for more then a day to deliver the calf and she was exhausted. So we decided to do a surgery and to remove the dead calf. During the surgery under local anasthesia Irma was standing on her Feet all time. The vets opened her birth channel from the backside, just a few centimeters under her anus. They made an incision from ca. 15 cm. and tried to pull the dead calf out. Unfortunately without succes. So the team decided to devide the calf in pieces. Smaller pieces have been removed throuh this hole and the bigger pieces were pushed through her birth channel. Finally, after 12 hours work with a marvelous team, they managed the remove all pieces and could close the wound. Today Irma was doing well. She is receivig pain relief and the wound has been flushed several times.
This was the second time our vets did such a surgery. Years ago (in 1993) they used this method to remove a dead calf from Raja (now in Mallorca).

Rob Belterman, Rotterdam Zoo, 2009-02-12

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Koehl, Dan, (2024). stillborn, Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) located at Rotterdam Zoo in Netherlands. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 24 April 2024 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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