Champakali at Dudhwa elephant base camp (Dudhwa National Park)

ID Number:Local id Number: 4 (Jaldapara) - 
Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ about 67 years old (approximate age)
Management:Free contact
Location:Dudhwa elephant base camp (Dudhwa National Park)
ArrivedDudhwa elephant base camp (Dudhwa National Park)
from Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS camp)
Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS camp)
from Singheswar Mahashivratri Mela
Born:~1951 unknown
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (F) 1996 Diana, Local nr: 29
  2. (F) 1999 Amrapali, Local nr: 39
  3. (M) 2002-01-00 unknown, Local nr: 47
Document updated2018-05-22: new record, location Dudhwa
Foresters said kunki Champakali had played the role of a foster mother to all the six rescued calves.

Rabi Biswakarma, Champakali’s mahout, said: “I never thought that these calves would leave, particularly Balasundar (brought to the park at the age of 10 days) and Titi (came to the park when it was one month old). Foresters and vets here had thought that the animals would die as they were really young and needed mother’s milk to survive. Champakali took care of the calves and brought them back to health. I am very sad. The calves were like my own children. I will feel bad when they are gone.”

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