Billy Sunday (Baby Bill)
Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at
Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo) in United States

dead elephant ☨ ♂ Billy Sunday (Baby Bill)  dead elephant


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Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂ 32 years old
Born:* 1907 wild
Birth place:
Dead: 1939-10-16
Death reason: unknown:
Locations - owners
Present / last location:Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo), in United States

Date of arrival

1939-00-00Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo)
from Louis L. Meitus

1938-09-00Louis L. Meitus
from Seils & Sterling Circus (Lindemann Brothers Circus)

1928-00-00Seils & Sterling Circus (Lindemann Brothers Circus)
from Sells-Floto Circus

from Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus

Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus
from William P. Hall Animal Farm

William P. Hall Animal Farm
from Albert Monroe Cauble

1910-00-00Albert Monroe Cauble
from William P. Hall Animal Farm

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† Billy Sunday (Baby Bill) is a dead Male ♂ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), , who died 1939-10-16 at Selig Zoo and Movie Studio (Griffith Park Zoo, Luna Park Zoo), in United States, .


The North American Regional Studbook lists this elephant with a Temporary Studbook Number, lacking "supporting documentation to validate their identity."

Billy Sunday (Baby Bill) was born wild 1907.

Comments / pictures

Records about Billy Sunday (Baby Bill) from Bob Cline

Male Asian 1909 - Wm. P. Hall farm a baby at 300 hundred pounds
1910 - A.M. Cauble ( Leased from Hall ) called Baby Bill
1913 - Wm. P. Hall farm
1914 to 1915 - Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus
1916 to 1924 - Sells-Floto Circus
1925 to 1937 - Seils-Sterling Circus
1938 - Louis Meitus Show
1938 to 1939 - Lincoln Park Zoo
Died - Oct. 16, 1939

Bob Cline, author of the book "Americas elephants".

"For some reason he was named after a popular Evangelist of the day "Billy Sunday"."
William Buckles Woodcock

Mr. Cauble had the following interesting and informative comments about Baby Bill and Hall in the January-February, 1962, Bandwagon. "Baby Bill was a spoiled brat, and he would not let anyone feed or care for him except one roughneck and myself. Bill was happy when one of us was near, but if we walked away he would carry on something awful! I sent Hall word about what trouble Bill was giving me and he sent word back to return Baby Bill and he would let me have any bull in the barn.

When we arrived in Tupelo, Mississippi, we gave the railroad company a lot of grief. I wanted heated transportation for Bill and the rates were three times first class for elephants, crated or uncrated. As it was against the law for anyone to ride in the baggage car, they would not allow me to ride with my baby. They decided to crate him as they could not furnish a heated car for anything less than 300 pounds. I told them Baby Bill would not live through the night away from me, so they might as well knock Bill in the head and give me four thousand dollars. We kept them waiting eight hours wiring the big shots of the road, but finally they loaded Bill and me into the baggage car. I loaded milk, cheese and crackers for food, hay and blankets for bedding, and soon we were on our way and sound asleep."

Mr. Cauble said he would never forget his arrival in Lancaster, Missouri. He continued, "It was eleven o'clock at night and cold as the devil, so you can imagine my surprise to see W. P. Hall, himself, at the station. He had his car and driver there and ordered me to turn Bill over to the boys and get into his car. It was hard for me to turn it down, but I persuaded him to let me stay with the baby until I had bedded him down in a warm, comfortable place. He handed me a quart of Yellow Stone liquor and said that he would see me the next morning."

Fred D. Pfening, III. Bandwagon, Vol. 10, No. 6 (Nov-Dec), 1966, pp. 4-17.

At the auction of that show (Seils-Sterling ) in Milwaukee in September 1938 she became Louis Meitus property. The author was present when she (Lucy), Billy Sunday, and additional animals and equipment from Meitus were delivered to Zoo-park, (ex-Selig Zoo) Los Angeles, in 1940.
Chang Reynolds. Bandwagon, Vol. 13, No. 3 (May-Jun), 1969, pp. 10-19.
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