27 March 2019
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Asha at Dublin Zoo

27 March 2019
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ID Number:EEP Number: 200705 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 13 years old
Management:Protected contact
Location:Dublin Zoo
ArrivedDublin Zoo 2007-05-07
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Born:2007-05-07 captive-born in
Dublin Zoo
Birth weight (kgs and pounds): 80.00 kgs, 176.00 lbs
Parents: Alexander x Bernhardine (Bernhardini)
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (F) 2016-09-19 Zinda, EEP nr: 201607? (nr N/A)
Siblings through the father Alexander:
  1. 1994-12-11(F) Piccolo (Piccolina)
  2. 1999-01-11 -- † 1999-01-12 (M) Willi
  3. 2000-11-28(F) Bangka
  4. 2002-01-20 -- † 2002-12-20 (M) Senang
  5. 2003-05-13(F) Trong Nhi
  6. 2003-07-26(F) Anak
  7. 2004-02-21(M) Sibu
  8. 2005-08-02(F) Yindee
  9. 2007-12-28 -- † 2007-12-28 (F) unborn
  10. 2008-02-17(M) Billy (Budi)
  11. 2009-02-10 -- † 2013-12-17 (F) Tonya
  12. 2009-05-17(F) Kai Mook (Kai-Mook)
  13. 2009-11-10(F) Kina
  14. 2012-11-01(M) Kyan
  15. 2015-01-07 -- † 2015-01-07 () stillborn
Siblings through the mother Bernhardine (Bernhardini):
  1. 1999-01-11 -- † 1999-01-12 (M) Willi
  2. 2002-01-20 -- † 2002-12-20 (M) Senang
  3. 2014-09-17(F) Samiya
  4. 2017-03-19(F) Avani
Document updated2013-12-02: pregnant
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2018-05-04: not pregnant
"Early on the morning of Monday, 7th May, Bernhardine, one of our Asian elephants gave birth to a healthy female calf.

The birth took place in total darkness and was carefully monitored by the keepers via special CCTV cameras fitted with infared lights.

At 2.30am, a large swelling had appeared, inticating that the calf had moved into the birth canal. At 2.39am the calf emerged. Two minutes after the birth the calf could be seen moving and eight minutes after the birth the baby elephant stood upright. At 2.49am, the baby elephant took its first steps, much to the delight of zookeepers.

It was a comepletely natural birth, without any complications. We could observe the other elephants, Yasmin and Anak, offering their support to Bernhardine and taking great interest in the calf. We are all so delighted with the birth of our healthy baby elephant and there is a real buzz of excitement in the zoo as a result of the birth.

You will be able to see Bernhadineand her calf, and other elephants, Yasmin and Anak in early June when their purpose built Asian Elephant habitat, The Kazaringa Forest Trail is unveiled, and the calf is strong and healthy."

Leo Ooosterweghel, Director of Dublin Zoo

2007-09-05 The elephant baby was named Asha, a name suggested by Mrs Clare Creegan, from Raheny in north Dublin

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