Chieng Mai an Asian elephant at Copenhagen Zoo

Male ♂ Asian  Chieng Mai at Copenhagen Zoo

Photo: Erland Axel Wadsten 2004.
☨ Chieng Mai
Alternative name:Plai Sak
ID nr:EEP Number: 6209 -    SSP Number: 513 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Male ♂ 58 years old
Dead date: 2017-06-28
Death reason: euthanised: age related problems
Location:Copenhagen Zoo
ArrivalCopenhagen Zoo 1962-06-22
from Thailand unspecified location
Born:* 1959 wild Thailand
Freight:by ship M/S Sinaloa
Offspring, year of birth, year of death:

    Total: 15 babies

  1. (F) 1970-09-18 Irma, EEP nr: 7008, SSP nr: 754
  2. (F) 1975-12-15 Schottzie, EEP nr: 7505, SSP nr: 79
  3. (F) 1980-03-31 -- † 1984-09-08 Maia, EEP nr: 8003
  4. (M) 1981-11-10 -- † 2020-07-24 Chang, EEP nr: 8112
  5. (M) 1983-03-18 -- † 1990-09-07 Haakon, EEP nr: 8308
  6. (F) 1986-01-22 -- † 2003-09-21 Coco, EEP nr: 8603
  7. (F) 1991-10-28 -- † 1991-10-28 noname, EEP nr: 9101
  8. (M) 1996-03-15 -- † 2006-02-09 Santosh, EEP nr: 9601
  9. (M) 1997-02-17 -- † 1997-06-19 Hannibal
  10. (M) 2001-12-02 -- † 2003-10-06 Punjab
  11. (M) 2006-03-20 Gandhi, EEP nr: 200605
  12. (M) 2013-02-25 -- † 2014-11-24 Khao Sok, EEP nr: 201304
  13. (F) 2013-08-26 -- † 2013-08-26 stillborn, EEP nr: 201312
  14. (M) 2015-09-04 -- † 2015-09-04 stillborn, EEP nr: 201500
  15. (M) 2017-05-17 Plai Sak, EEP nr: 201712?
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During a state visit to Thailand in 1962, King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid were presented with the two elephants Chieng Mai and Buag Hah. Shipped from Thailand to Denmark with the ship M/S Sinaloa.

The late Danish king Frederik IX wrote a handwritten letter the 29th of January 1962 to the chairman of the board of the Copenhagen Zoo, Dr. Böje Benzon, with the following content:

Dr Böje Benzon
As You know, I was honored with the gift of three elephant babies in Thailand; when the first arrives i dont know, but I would like to ask You if I may deponate them in Zoologisk Have. The youngest and last one is only seven months old, so I doubt that he comes within the nest two years. The other two, I believe, comes within two months.
With best greetings to Your wife,
Yours sincerely

Coco was nine when she was bred by her father Chieng Mai, resulting in the birth of Hannibal.

Chieng Mai has an American SSP number because of his daughter Schottzie, sold to the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio in December 1978 at the age of three. He is not listed in the studbook.

2008-03-12: Chiang Mai were transfered to the newbuilt facility.

2017: euthanised due the several age related problems

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Koehl, D., (2020). Chieng Mai, an Asian at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 31 October 2020 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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