Hattie (Haddie)
Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at
Kelly Miller Circus in United States

dead elephant ☨ ♀ Hattie (Haddie)  dead elephant



Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀
Body weight: 2500.00 kg, 5500.00 lbs
Born:* wild
Birth place:
Dead: 1941-03-11
Death reason: unknown:
Locations - owners
Present / last location:Kelly Miller Circus, in United States

Date of arrival

1940-01-01Kelly Miller Circus
from Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus

Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus
from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

1919-00-00Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
from Ringling Bros. Circus

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† Hattie (Haddie) is a dead Female ♀ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), , who died 1941-03-11 at Kelly Miller Circus, in United States, .


Hattie (Haddie) was born wild .

Comments / pictures

I remember D.R. telling my dad the story of their first elephant "Hattie" she was originally a Ringling elephant going back to about 1895 but was now in the Hagenbeck-Wallace Herd lying dormant in California in 1939. Obert and D.R. drove a truck out there and Cheerful Gardner showed them around (D.R. said he was terrified) and they settled on "Hattie" who was purchased 1/1/40. She was a sweet old cow, Cheerful could have unloaded anything on them.
In 1941 they bought a second elephant even older, "Mena" who came from the Hagenbeck Zoo in 1890 for the M.L. Clark wagon show. They now had a Herd of two until Hattie died 11/3/41 in Cranfield, Okla.
So now we get to 1942 and we see "Mena" and "Tena" pictured above with Obert Miller on the horse. World War II arrived and "Tena's" previous owner, Russell Hall, was drafted into the Army and given 30 days to dispose of his elephant. Mr. Hall was a descendant of Col. George W. "Pop-corn" Hall out of Janesville, Wis. Andrew Downie first owned "Tena" with his Downie Bros. Circus, framed in 1926.
Unfortunately I have jumped all around with these Kelly-Miller elephants rather than have the years in proper order. Yet I am sure the hard core "elephant nut" will figure it out.

Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. Circus 1942, Buckles Web Log, 02/27/06

When Hagenbeck-Wallace folded in Riverside, Calif. in 1938 the show was moved into the vacated Barnes Quarters at Baldwin Park, Calif.
Included were 23 Ringling owned elephants. The following year when the Ringling Show played Los Angles, the best 12 were added to the Ringling Herd and 9 of the least desirable Ringling elephants were dropped off.
So the elephants seen being exercised here were an assortment of rejects gradually being sold but now stabled at Goebel's Lion Farm at 1,000 Oaks, California 3/3/1940.
At left is Cheerful Gardner and at right is his long time assistant Hurley Woodson.
"D.R. once told me that when they heard that elephants were for sale, he and Obert took off for California in their biggest truck. When they arrived, D.R said he was terrified since they all looked so big and dangerous and Obert explained to Cheerful that they had a small family show in Oklahoma and had little experience with elephants. Cheerful walked them down the line and said, "Here is an old cow that won't give you a minutes trouble!"
So for $600 on Jan.1, 1940 the Millers bought "Hattie", their first elephant. Ten years later when Cheerful delivered "April", "May" and "June" to Hugo from the Polack Show, Obert brought up the subject of their previous California dealings and thanked him for picking out "Hattie". Even tho she only made two seasons she was so well remembered that they changed "April's" name to "Hattie".
HATTIE 1895-18 Ringling Bros. Circus.......1919-39 Ringling-Barnum Circus.......1939 Baldwin Park Qtrs........1940-41 Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. Circus.......(Died Nov. 3, 1941 at Cranfield, Okla.)

Hagenbeck-Wallace Elephants 1940 #1, Buckles Web Log, 05/02/08

The elephant named Hattie (Haddie) nov. 3, 1941 acutally died in Grandfield, OK not Cranfield. I have the original newspaper article here at the library on our microfilm.Claudia from Grandfield, OK. (2011)

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Koehl, Dan, (2023). Hattie (Haddie), Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) located at Kelly Miller Circus in United States. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 7 December 2023 at https://www.elephant.se/database2.php?elephant_id=3006. (archived at the Wayback machine)

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