Fannie (Fanny) an African savanna elephant at Ringling Brothers Circus

☨ Fannie (Fanny)
ID nr:
Species: African savanna elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀
Dead date: 1908-11-00
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Ringling Brothers Circus
ArrivalRingling Brothers Circus 1888-00-00
from Forepaugh-Sells Show
Forepaugh-Sells Show
from Sells Brothers Circus
Born:* wild
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Records about Fannie (Fanny) from Bob Cline
African Female 1887 to 1888 - Sells Bros. Circus
1888 - First elephant bought by Ringling Bros. Circus along with Babylon
1888 to 1908 - Ringling Bros. Circus
Died - Nov. 1908 in Baraboo quarters

The Ringlings got their first elephants in 1888 "Babe" and "Fannie" (an African) and they walked overland but by the time Edouard "Perl" Souder took over the herd in 1894 the show moved on 39 railroad cars with 3 more ahead and carried 8 elephants. Two years later the herd ballooned up to 23 and included the five Lockhart elephants from England which the Ringlings later bought and Souder worked for many years. The barns in the background remain the same today at the Circus World Museum.
Perl Souder #1, Buckles Web Log, 05/14/06

Jimmy Cole sent me this remarkable picture years ago. Looks like it was taken yesterday in Disneyland. On the horse at left is Edouard Souder, the young African is "Fannie" one of the first two elephants owned by the Ringlings, purchased in 1888 when the show still moved overland. With the exception of the Lockhart elephants, the Ringling Show never had many tuskers, the young one seen here is "Prince".
Ringling Bros. Circus 1894, Buckles Web Log, 12/30/08

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