Miry at Fasano Zoosafari

† Miry
ID Number:
Species: African Bush elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 34 years old
Body height: 2.90 meter, 9.5 feet
Body weight: 4600.00 kg, 10120.00 lbs
Dead date: 2015-05-18
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Fasano Zoosafari
ArrivalFasano Zoosafari 2012-12-14
from Osnabruck Zoo
Osnabruck Zoo 2011-02-26
from Circus Crocofant
Born:1981 wild Zimbabwe
Document updated2011-03-01:�Birth, Text RE
2016-01-03: death date
In late February 2011, Betty and Miry were retired from Circus Crocofant to Zoo Osnabruck.

Sources, among others

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