Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at
Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu) in India

♂ Harsha


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Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂ 48 years old
Body weight: 3290.00 kg, 7238.00 lbs
Management:Free contact
Born:* 1976 wild
Birth place:
Capture: 1990 Doddabetta forest
Locations - owners
Present / last location:Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu), in India

Date of arrival

Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu)
from Doddabetta Reserve Forest

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Harsha is a living Male ♂ Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) , located at the Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu), in India.

Harsha arrived to the Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu) unknown date, relocated from the Doddabetta Reserve Forest, in India.


Harsha lives together with 21 other elephants at the Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu):

detailed list with arrival dates etc. of the other elephants
  1. 1. ♂ Ajay born 1974
  2. 2. ♂ Chandra born 1969
  3. 3. ♂ Dhananjaya
  4. 4. ♂ Ganapa born 1991
  5. 5. ♂ Ganesha born 2010
  6. 6. ♂ Gopi born 1982
  7. 7. ⚪ Indra born 1977
  8. 8. ♂ Karthik born 2014?
  9. 9. ♀ Kaveri born 1978
  10. 10. ♂ Kusha born 1994?
  11. 11. ♂ Laxman (Lakshmana)
  12. 12. ♀ Moyra (Moira) born 1988
  13. 13. ♀ Mukambika born 1979
  14. 14. ♂ Nanjunda
  15. 15. ⚪ Parasu Rama (Parashuram) born 2005
  16. 16. ♂ Ranjan born 2001
  17. 17. ♂ Shivu born 2011-03-00
  18. 18. ♂ Thirtarama (Theertharam)
  19. 19. ⚪ unknown born 2014-07-00
  20. 20. ⚪ unknown
  21. 21. ⚪ unknown born 2017


Harsha was born wild 1976, captured 1990 , captured at Doddabetta forest.

Comments / pictures

Captured from Doddabetta forest in 1990 and brought from Dubare camp, it is participating in Dasara for the eighth time.

2013-11-07: Three weeks after the returning of Dasara elephants to the woods, one of them went berserk on the forest fringes of Nagarahole and charged out of the woods. The drama that began on Tuesday ended on Thursday with the tranquilizing of elephant Harsha.It took 36 hours for the foresters to capture Harsha, otherwise known for his composure, and bring the situation under control.

2010-10-03: Harsha from Dubare has took part in dasara festivities for 11 years.

2010-09-04:�A rogue elephant attacked a team of two tamed elephants during a chase in an estate at Maragodu on Sunday, creating tension for sometime.

Harsha and Vikram had been engaged by the forest department to chase a Herd of elephants rampaging coffee estates around Maragodu. A team of about forty forest staff and public set out to chase the Herd in the morning. The Herd was successfully pushed to a high position of a peak from where they had to be be led in the direction of Dubare elephant camp. After treading difficult terrains for kilometers the Herd misled the chasing team, escaped in the thick jungle and came down to the original point where it had been camping since days.

The team decided to return as it was nearing dark and it started raining. However, they were shocked as a rogue elephant from the Herd charged at them. The people ran helter skelter. Then the elephant charged at Harsha and Vikram. Harsha, known as the nation's best fighter, who can handle any kind of wild elephant with ease, along with its companion Vikram pulled the iron chain from its back and began to attack the wild elephant. Crackers and hoax guns were fired and the wild elephant rushed back to its Herd.

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