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Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu) in India

Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu)

Address Kushalnagar
Place Coorg
Region Karnataka
Country India


Key People


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
-: J. Girish
(chief mahout)

Elephant keepers -: J. Shari
-: J. Dhobi
-: Sanjan
-: Naveen
-: J. Jagadesh
-: Urunay
-: Chandu
-: Sharath
-: Manjunath
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Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu), located at Kushalnagar, in Coorg, India .

Living elephants

At the Dubare elephant camp (Aanekaadu) lives 26 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Ajay born 1974
  2. Chandra born 1969
  3. Dhananjaya
  4. Ekhadanta (Ekadantha) born 1970
  5. Ganapa born 1991
  6. Ganesha born 2010
  7. Gopi born 1982
  8. Harsha born 1976
  9. Indra born 1977
  10. Karthik born 2014?
  11. Kaveri born 1978
  12. Kusha born 1994?
  13. Lava
  14. Laxman (Lakshmana)
  15. Moyra (Moira) born 1988
  16. Mukambika born 1979
  17. Nanjunda
  18. Parasu Rama (Parashuram) born 2005
  19. Rama born 1989
  20. Ranjan born 2001
  21. Shivu born 2011-03-00
  22. Thirtarama (Theertharam)
  23. unknown born 2017
  24. unknown
  25. unknown born 2014-07-00
  26. Vijay born 1976

Comments / picturesThe Karnataka Forest Department has about 150 Elephants in various camps and Dubare has been historically an important camp. The Elephants for the famous Mysore Dassehra were trained at Dubare elephant camp. There are around 88 tribal families living in Dubare, employed by the Forest Department to take care of the elephants

Dubare Elephant Camp in Coorg offers tented accommodation on the banks of river Cauvery.

The route from Bangalore is via Mysore, Kushalnagar, Gudde Hosur (4km from Kushalnagar on BM Road), then a left turn towards Siddapura. About 15 kilometer on the Siddapur Main Road visitors would find a JLR Dubare Camp board. A left turn at the board and a kilometer drive would reach you to the bank of River Cauvery. Cross the river by a boat and you would be at the Dubare Elephant Camp.

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