Aida an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) at Royal London Circus

☨ Aida
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Species: Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Female ♀ 5 years old
Dead date: 1999-12-20
Death reason: accident: cold weather
Location:Royal London Circus
ArrivalRoyal London Circus
from Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Education Centre
Born:* 1994 wild Malaysia
Document updated2009-02-01: New elephant
2009-09-05: Birth
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Two of the Royal London Circus' three elephants have died from the sudden cold, which hit Shanghai, during its performing tour to the city.
Veterinarians from Shanghai Zoo rushed to the circus immediately after they heard the elephants were ill in mid-December of 1999.
"We made thorough examinations of the sick animals, finding their bodies had low temperatures," said a veterinarian.
The Malaysian elephants are used to living in a tropical environment and can't bear the cold winds .
Finally, Gelly and Aida, both aged five, died on December 20, even though veterinarians did all they could. The eight-year-old Aidi survived, said the veterinarian.
The circus travels with the largest movable tent in Asia and keeps its animals in travelling containers. The containers were not able to keep the elephants warm enough in the cold weather.
Because of the death of the elephants, the circus had to delay the start of its performances until December 30.

Circus Elephants Die of Cold, 2000-01-14

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