Bhutan an Asian elephant at Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)

 ☨ ♂ Bhutan  


EEP nr3002


Species:Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Sex and age:Male ♂
Born:* wild
Birth place:
Dead date: 1939-02-00
Death reason: euthanised: aggressive, shot on tour in Mannheim by Heinz Heck
Present / last location:Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina), in Germany

Date of Arrival
(Presently sometimes errors!)

1935-00-00Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina)
from Firma Ruhe
Firma Ruhe 1935-00-00
from Hannover Zoo
Hannover Zoo 1935-05-00
from Firma Ruhe
Firma Ruhe 1934-02-00
from Circus Kludsky
Circus Kludsky
from George B. Chapman

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† Bhutan is a dead Male ♂ Asian elephant, (Elephas maximus), who died at Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina), in Germany, of euthanised in 1939-02-00. Official death reason described as aggressive, shot on tour in Mannheim by Heinz Heck. (see detailed list).


Bhutan was born wild .

Comments / pictures

1926: in Turin during a spring carneval, scared by petards and ran through the streets of Turin.

At Kludsky, Bhutan was worked, together with an arab horse, in High School Dressage, by Jose Smaha in the ring.

Records about Bhutan from EEPEuropean Studbook for Asian elephants state following records for the asian elephant Bhutan:

3002 M ???? UNK UNK UNKNOWN ???? NONE Birth BHUTAN
L RUHE ~ 1935 NONE Transfer
HANNOVER ~ May 1935 VII48 Loan to
L RUHE ~ 1935 NONE ltf Transfer

Source: EEP studbook for Asian elephants online

Reference listKoehl, Dan, (2021). Bhutan, an Asian elephant at Circus Barlay (Olympia, Berolina) in Germany. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 12 June 2021 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

Sources used for this article is among others:

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  • Elefanten in Zoo und Circus, EEG: Haufellner, Kurt, Schilfarth, Schweiger


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