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Definition of Conservation

From the elephant glossary Section: ecology

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Nature conservation is the moral philosophy and conservation movement focused on protecting species from extinction, maintaining and restoring habitats, enhancing ecosystem services, and protecting biological diversity. A range of values underlie conservation, which can be guided by biocentrism, anthropocentrism, ecocentrism, and sentientism,[1] environmental ideologies that inform ecocultural practices and identities.

Conservation goals include conserving habitat, preventing deforestation, halting species extinction, reducing overfishing, and mitigating climate change. Different philosophical outlooks guide conservationists towards these different goals.

The International Congress of Zookeepers (ICZ) hold a database of conservation projects all around the world which have keeper involved in them. The objective is to share this information as widely as possible and encourage the involvement of other animal keepers, or even better, inspire them to start their own project.

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