Kreutzbergs Menagerie in Germany

Kreutzbergs Menagerie

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Owner -1874: Gottlieb Kreutzberg
Last elephant left1874
Closed down1874
Place Reichenbach
District Landkreis Görlitz
Region eastern Germany
Country Germany


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Kreutzbergs Menagerie, in Reichenbach, Sachsen, Germany . The last elephant left in 1874. Kreutzbergs Menagerie closed down in 1874.

Comments / picturesThe owner Gottlieb Christian Kreutzberg, (1810-1874), not known where, dealt in exotic wild animals and had connections with Carl Hagenbeck.

Toured in Sweden in the 1850s and 1860´s.

In 1862 Kreutzberg bought a Group of freshly imported animals from Egyptian Sudan from the Austrian animal trader Lorenzo Casanova, including the first African elephant imported to Europe in Post Roman time.

In 1874, Gottlieb Kreutzberg was killed by his tigers, and the famous Kreutsberg Menagerie of Leipzig was sold to Antonin Kludsky. The so-formed Kludský menagerie became the Czech Kingdom’s largest (as reflected by contemporary posters).

Gottlieb\'s daughter Anna Kreutzberg, born in Posen in 1843, was married in Norwich UK in 1866 to the Nubian lion tamer Joseph Ledger, who appeared at the Folies Bergere in Paris with his lions and tigers and traveled extensively in Europe. In the later stages of his life, he worked with Wombwells Circus, also Ginettes, mainly in the north of England, especially in Bolton and Manchester.

Gottlieb\'s son Karl Kreutzberg, toured Europe as a big cat trainer, and became famous in Spain, by letting a bull and a lion fight to death. A drawing by H. Leutemann depicts a young chained elephant being attacked by an Adult lion inside a caged wagon.

Kreutzbergs Menagerie in Germany Germany

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