Dusit Palace in Thailand

Dusit Palace


Closed down1966
Address Vimanmek Palace, Uthong Nai Road, Dusit
Place Bangkok
Country Thailand
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Dusit Palace, located at Vimanmek Palace, Uthong Nai Road, Dusit, in Bangkok, Thailand , was founded in 1906. Dusit Palace closed down in 1966.

Comments / picturesThe royal elephant stables at Dusit Palace was built by Chulalongkorn, king Rama V of Thailand, to house the white elephant Phra Savet Udomvarn presented to him in 1906.

King vajiravudh (Rama VI) housed Phra Savet Vajiraphaha, and king Pok Klao(Rama VII) built an additional stable for Phra Savet Kotchadejdilok in 1927

On 12 January 1988,the ministry of education announced the establishment of The Royal Elephant National Museum on the site of the old royal elephant stables.

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