Great Bombay Circus in India

Great Bombay Circus
Owner?-1953: K M Kunhikannan
1953-?: K M Balagopalan
Dilep Nath and K M Sanjeev Balagopal

DirectorsC.H. Rajan
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Great Bombay Circus, India, was founded in 1947.

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1947: K. M. Kunhikannan, Keeleri Kunhikannan’s nephew and a versatile artist who created the Whiteway and Great Lion circuses, merged his two companies with the Grand Bombay Circus (founded by Baburao Kadam in 1920) in 1947 which was renamed Great Bombay Circus.

1953: K M Balagopalan took over the company from his fathers brother K M Kunhikannan in 1953.

1993: Owned by brothers Dilep Nath and K M Sanjeev Balagopal. The brothers took charge of the company in 1993 when their father K M Balagopalan who was running the company expired.

Senior manager is C.H. Rajan, previously by The Jumbo circus.

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