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Forepaugh-Sells Show in United States

Forepaugh-Sells Show

Local name Adam Forepaugh & Sells Bros. Shows United

Owner 1896-1898: Ephraim Sells
1896-1904: Peter Sells Jr.
1896-1904: Lewis Sells
1896-1904: Allen Sells
1896-1906: James A. Bailey
1898-1904: W. W. Cole
Closed down1911
Country United States


Key People


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
1897-1900: Patrick Meager
(elephant superintendent)
1902-1904: Bill Emery
(elephant superintendent)
1903-1907: John Patterson
(elephant superintendent)
-1911: Harry Mooney
(elephant superintendent)
1912-1912: George Denman
(elephant superintendent)

Elephant keepers
Relevant literature

Forepaugh-Sells Show, United States , was founded in 1896. Forepaugh-Sells Show closed down in 1911.

Comments / pictures1896: James Bailey, owner of the Barnum & Bailey Show, and also owner of the Adam Forepaugh show, entered into partnership with the Sells Brothers, (Ephraim, Lewis and Peter Sells) who owned the Sells Brothers show. They formed the Adam Forepaugh & Sells Brothers Great Consolidated Shows. , later Adam Forepaugh and Sells Bros. Circus. In 1898 Ephraim Sells, the eldest of the three brothers, died and W.W. Cole (a part owner of the Barnum and Bailey Circus) became the new fourth partner in the show. This partnership lasted until 1904 when Peter Sells died and Lewis Sells and W. W. Cole sold their interest to James Bailey.
1900: the big male "Sid" killed Elephant Supt. Patrick Meager in Madison Sq. Garden.
1900-1902: Bill Emery elephant boss.
1902: Forepaugh-Sells show carried two African elephants, a male and a female. (Mike and Topsy).

Records about Forepaugh-Sells Show from William "Buckles" Woodcocks Blog at http://www.bucklesw.blogspot.com/
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Show in United States United+States
1904: This is a better look at "Mike" and "Topsy" in a corral menagerie. You can see the martingale on his Tusks and the network of hobbles and cross hobbles.The leather straps are unique. He was probably Bulling at this time and no doubt a real hand full.

John Patterson was in charge of the elephants by then and when this show was taken off the road after the 1907 season the Ringlings appointed him Menagerie Supt. with Barnum & Bailey and he held that post with RBBB thru 1925.

His last job with these two elephants was to deliver them to the B&B quarters in Bridgeport where the Ringlings planned to feature him in 1908 but unfortunately shortly after arrival a flash fire in the bull car took his life however the other elephants escaped injury.
It is reported that just prior to this Tammen and Bonfils (Sells-Floto Circus) had offered $10,000 for him.

Forepaugh-Sells <a href='location2.php?location_id=4' title=''></a>
Show in United States United+StatesEarly parade photo of the 4 Paw-Sells Bros Circus marching down the streets of Cheboygan Michigan on the morning of July 29th 1905

1905: 13 elephants. Bailey, by then the sole proprietor of the circus, set up an auction of the show’s equipment but ended up purchasing everything back and sold half of the interest to the Ringling Brothers.
1906: Ringling’s acquired complete ownership of the show from Bailey’s widow.

Forepaugh-Sells <a href='location2.php?location_id=4' title=''></a>
Show in United States United+States
1907: Here is a photo of the 4 Paw Sells Show on Sparks St in Ottawa Canada on June 29th 1907 with the elephant crew in their white pith helmets and high top boots.

1908: pulled off the road for the 1908-1909 season.
1910: the title was revived by the brothers but for a year only. The circus toured for the last time in 1911.
1911: 14 elephants. From Buckles Woodcocks blog:
Forepaugh-Sells <a href='location2.php?location_id=4' title=''></a>
Show in United States United+States
1912: 7 elephants to Ringling brothers: 1. Ringling Nellie, 2. Columbia (Victoria), 3. Veneda (Venita, Vanita, Jenny), 4. Sells Duchess (Dutch), 5. Sells Queen, 6. Romeo, and 7 ?.

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