Borneo Company Ltd (BCL) in Malaysia

Borneo Company Ltd (BCL)
First elephant arrived1938
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Borneo Company Ltd (BCL) , in Kuching?, Malaysia, was founded in 1856 and the first elephant arrived in 1938.

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1938: Import of elephants with origin from Thailand: Borneo Company Ltd (BCL) brought in two cow elephants together with their Thai riders, for use in forest operations above the Pelagus rapids in Upper Rejang.

1951: Import of elephants with origin from Sri Lanka: The company bought five beasts, aged 11 to 17 years, from Chipperfield’s circus in U.K. After 52 days at sea, including trans-shipment at Singapore, these unfortunate animals were slung ashore at Sarikei, and promptly swam across the river and got bogged on the opposite bank (Longhurst, 1956: 109-110).
Origin of elephants in Borneo

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