Mekong Island Zoo in Cambodia

Mekong Island Zoo
AddressKoh Okhna Tey
PlacePhnom Penh
ProvinceKandal Province
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Mekong Island Zoo, located at Koh Okhna Tey, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Three elephants are also based in a private zoo, owned by a Frenchman, on an island in the Mekong River, close to Phnom Penh. (FAO)

Some years ago, desperate for new ways to entertain foreign tourists in Phnom Penh, the Ministry granted a lease of the island to a Frenchman who organized boat journeys up the Mekong, the climax of which were lunch and a cultural show - music and classical dancing - on the island. He also established a small zoo, something which is extremely easy to do in Cambodia where wild animals are freely available (the parking lot to my hotel in Phnom Penh contained two pythons, a baby bear, a macaque and a gibbon - this last a member of an endangered species - keeping uneasy company with numerous rabbits and hamsters).

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