Kamala Circus in India

Kamala Circus

OwnerK. Damodaran
Address Kathirur
Place Thalassery
Region Kannur district, Kerala
Country India

DirectorsK. Damodaran

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Kamala Circus, located at Kathirur, in Thalassery, India .

Comments / picturesKamala Circus,originally South Indian Ladies Circus,started by a student of Kunhikannan.

Kamala Circus was the first three ring circus of Thalassery. It was founded by Mr.K Damodaran. Kalarippayttu, an ancient martial arts, was considered to be born at Kathirur, a village near Thalassery. (http://kerals.com/keralatourism/kerala.php?t=10)

To these, one must add the Kamala Three Ring Circus of K. Damodaran, who had begun his career traveling from village to village with a small two-pole tent in the early 1930s, before ending with a giant American-style six-pole, three-ring circus, the very first—and only one—of its kind in Asia. (www.circopedia.org)

With the help of the owner of Kamala\'s Circus, Dick Chipperfield toured outlying villages in Sri Lanka to find elephants and bargain for purchases. First elephant was purchased and named Kamala in respect. (Pamela Macgregor-Morris, Chipperfield\'s Circus)

Kamala Circus returned to India in the mid fifties of the 20th Century after 10 years of foreign camping.

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