Satpura elephant camp in India

Satpura elephant camp
AddressSatpura Tiger Reserve
RegionMadhya Pradesh
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Satpura elephant camp, located at Satpura Tiger Reserve, in Bhopal, India.

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In order to reach Satpura National Park, nearest airport is at Bhopal city which is just 200kms from park. Bhopal Airport has connectivity with Delhi & Mumbai. Nearest railway stations for Satpura National Park are: Itarsi, Sohagpur, Pipariya & Hoshangabad. Their are 03 entrances for Satpura National Park visit. First is close to Pachmarhi hill station. Second and popular one is from Madhai Entrance gate which is about 100kms from Pachmarhi close to Sarangpur village. Madhai Entranct Gate is about 19kms inside from Pipariya-Hoshangabad road. Diversion for Madhai is close to Sohagpur town. Third entrance is for those who are staying in MP Tourism: Tawa Resort located on Tawa Dam. It is close from Hoshangabad town. In order to reach resorts in Satpura National Park, we recommend large cars with good ground clearance feature as approaching roads is muddy, rough and often poses great problem during rainy seasons. At the same time, due to lack of sigh-boards, consult local villagers or resort manager to reach the resort comfortably.

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