Twycross Zoo in United Kingdom

Twycross Zoo

Last elephant left2018
Place Atherstone CV9 3PX
Country United Kingdom
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Elephant keepers 1997-2008: Neil Williams
2003-2005: Rob Conachie
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Twycross Zoo, in Atherstone CV9 3PX, United Kingdom , was founded in 1963. The last elephant left in 2018.

Comments / picturesTwycross Zoo was founded in 1963 by Molly Badham and Nathalie Evans. In 1972 it became a charitable trust and now attracts around 500,000 visitors a year. The zoo is notable for having the largest collection of primates in the world. It is the only British zoo to exhibit all four Species of great ape.

1991-08-04: Asian elephant Iris headbutted and killed head keeper Roy Lock.
2009-08-06: Birth of Ganesh, is a Hindu God'>Ganesh Vijay, euthanised 2011-04-13 because of EEHV, Elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus.
2012-03-25: stillborn calf.
2012-09-14: Three elephant keepers sacked after allegedly causing unnecessary suffering to two animals.
2012-09-14: The elephants were transfered to Protected contact, because the zoo had no free contact keepers. (The zoo had sacked three keepers)
2012-10-03--2012-10-16: One man was arrested on October 3, one on October 4 and another on October 16.
2018: The last elephants left the Zoo in August.

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