Didier Gautiers menagerie in Sweden

Didier Gautiers menagerie

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Didier Gautiers menagerie, located in Sweden, was founded in 1831. Didier Gautiers menagerie closed down in 1868.

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1792: Didier Gautier was born in Chaumont in France 1792, and died in Gävle, Sweden, in 1872.

He was son to Jean Baptiste Gautier (1758-1823) owner of Gautiers menageri.

1810: The fathers circus was touring Düsseldorf in Germany, and met up with an acrobat troup of Paul Friedrich Grunert from Sachsen. Didier Gautier came in love with Grunerts daughter Johanna Grunert and Didier left his fathers circus.

1811: The pair married in july 1811.

1829: Didier Gautier returned to Sweden, as horse rider, for Louis Fouraux.

1831: Gautier had permission to setup his own show.

1832: Didier Gautier built a circus on Djurgården, in Stockholm.

1837: Didier and his family became Swedish citizens.

1868: Gautier sold his circus to Adele Léonard-Houcke, and he toured with his sons circus, Circus National, Gautier Brothers circus, and after 1902 as Cirkus Leonard Gautier.

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